Funfetti Washi, 50/50 Tosa Kozo from the Obara region of Aichi Prefecture’s Toyota City, Japan and Japanese Mitsumata sourced from Carriage House Paper, Brooklyn, NY. Sprinkled with torn craft tissue paper. Fibers are beaten by hand with an oak mallet and Washi is formed on a traditional fine mesh Suketa.
Made for the 2020 Paper Swatch Swap.
A short series of instructional videos on traditional Japanese Washi making, developed for Stamps School of Art & Design printmaking and papermaking students, as a Witt Visiting Artist, Fall 2020, University of Michigan.
Untitled – misprint from thesis embedded in washi.
Oil-based woodcut printed on Okawara, torn and embedded in Thai & Tosa Kozo Washi formed on a fine mesh Suketa. 15x18 inches. 2020.
Thai Kozo, Tosa Kozo, & Mitsumata Washi sheets made under the instruction of Washi Masters Tomomi and Hisashi Kano during their residency at Stamps School of Art & Design, University of Michigan, 2019.

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