2016 – 2021
"I know less now than I knew then."
Woodcut on Kozo from 4 plates & 12 colors. 36x48 inches. 2021.
"I know less now than I knew then." 36x48 inches. 2021.
Left: Proof II, Woodcut on Kozo from 4 plates & 10 colors.
Right: Proof I, Monotype & Woodcut on Masa.

Unique Impression. Proof III. *Awarded 1st prize at Prints 2021 at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, New York

"I know there's something I've forgotten"
Woodcut and monotype on masa. 36x48 inches. 2021.
"I know its bad."
Woodcut on mulberry. 18x24 inches. 2020.
"It hurt less than I thought it would."
Edition 1. Woodcut on kozo. 15x20 inches. 2020.
Included in the 2020 Salt City Dozen print exchange with Syracuse University.
Edition 2. Woodcut on kozo. 11x17 inches. 2020.
Included in the 2020 Buckham Fine Arts Project Print Exchange.
(Left) "What am I to do with you?" ; (Right) "The world is heavy and art falls short."
Monotype on Mulberry. 18x25 inches. 2020.
"Because of its fragile nature."
Monotype on mulberry. 18x25 inches. 2020.
"I will lay on the floor just to call for help."
3 (24x48") panels. Woodcut on Kozo Okawara. 2019.
Winner of the 2019 Michigan Greater Artists Exhibition Best of Show at Midland Center for the Arts, MI.
"I promise, I swear, I'll never do that again."
Woodcut on kozo. 24x34 inches. 2019.
Winner of Best of Show at the "Body Building: Art of the Human Figure"
exhibition at the Indianapolis Art Center, 2020.
"Really though, what the hell are you doing down there?"
Woodcut on kozo. 24x30 inches. 2019.
"I am lucky to not be so afraid as you."
Woodcut on kozo. 24x30 inches. 2019.
"Brian, who lays in the bed he made."
Woodcut on Kozo Okawara. 24x36 inches. 2019.
"For Elizabeth."
Commission. Woodcut on Masa. 15x23 inches. 2020.
"I think maybe I'm having my quarter-life crisis."
Risograph print. 11x14 inches. 2020.
Included in the Certum Tempus portfolio, SGCI 2020, Puerto Rico.
"Morgen essen wir Fisch Fisch Fisch."
Woodcut on Mulberry. 12x25 inches. 2020.
"Accidents happen so fast you never really see them."
Woodcut on Masa. 40x80 inches. 2019.
Artist Proof. Printed as part of Big Ink at Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg, FL, 2019.
"Untitled, August 9th, 2018."
Moku Hanga Woodcut on Kozo Okawara. 16x20 inches. 2018.
"October 12th, 2018, 7:02 p.m."
Woodcut on Kozo Okawara. 2018.
"A familiar scene: Lightly buzzed introspective piss: Or, I'll enjoy the show without you."
Photopolymer intaglio on Somerset. 11x14 inches. 2018.
"Two, together rising."
Intaglio on Somerset. 5x8 inches. 2018.
Oil-based relief woodcut on silk organza, appliqué quilt stitch with linen thread. 42x54 inches. 2017.
"But some still festers and remains."
Shibori resist dye and oil-based woodcut relief on silk organza, stitched with linen thread. 2018.
"I ain't even sure I've got a dog in this fight."
Woven natural and synthetic fibers, appliqué stitched woodcut relief on raw silk and cotton. 2018.
Copper with powder enamel. 2018.
"What did he do to you?" 
Cover: bamboo, woodcut on paper, bound with linen thread, and magnets.
Book: woodcut, intaglio, and photolitho on various kozo and gampi papers, bound with linen thread.
Box: woodcut on paper, mat board, bound with linen thread.
10x10x10 inches approximate, closed. 10x10x24 inches approximate, open. 2017.
"Self-portrait of an intimate night in San Fransisco, Summer 2016."
Stone lithograph on Kozo Okawara. 24x30 inches. 2017.
"Untitled (self-portrait with teal hair)"
Woodcut and monotype on Kozo Okawara. 36x48 inches. 2017.
"Untitled (experimental ghost print using engraved tympan)"
Pressure print on Kozo Okawara. 16x24 inches. 2016.
"Bury Me With It I & II"
Woodcut on Kozo Okawara. 16x24 inches. 2016.

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