2017 – Present
You are full of want and fear
2021 - Present
"You are full of want and fear."
Etching on
Hahnemühle Copperplate printed with 4 colours. 36x60in (91x152cm). 2022.
Printed in collaboration with Alex Thompson.
"Terrified again of being loved and not by you."
Silkscreen on Somerset printed with 20 colours. 58x117in (147x297cm). 2022.
"You saw yourself, then you saw yourself with shadows."
Woodcut on Thai Kozo from 3 plates & 10 colors. 48x72in (122x183cm). 2022.
"I will nestle myself within your hunger for the ground."
Woodcut on Thai Kozo. 48x48in (122x122cm). 2021.
"I'll journey through by the strength of my father's laughter."
Woodcut on Kozo. 48x72in (122x183cm). 2021.
Horizons, solo exhibition at Buckham Fine Arts Gallery, Flint, Michigan, Dec 2021 - Jan 2022
"I know there's something I've forgotten"
Woodcut on Kozo from 6 plates & 24 colors. 36x48in (91x122cm). 2022.

Unique Impression, Proof III. Woodcut and monotype on masa. 36x48in (91x122cm). 2021.
*Awarded 1st prize at Prints 2021 at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, New York
*Awarded Best in Show at COHORTS – Alone : Together, peer review MFA Online Exhibition, University of Montana & Montana State University, 2021

Unique Impressions. Woodcut and monotype on masa. 36x48in (91x122cm). 2021.
"I know less now than I knew then."
Woodcut on Kozo from 4 plates & 12 colors. 36x48in (91x122cm). 2023.
"I know less now than I knew then." 36x48in (91x122cm). 2021.
(Left) Proof II, Woodcut on Kozo from 4 plates & 10 colors.
(Right) Proof I, Monotype & Woodcut on Masa.
We are eaten up by nothing
2020 - Present
"We are eaten up by nothing."
Etching on Hahnemühle Copperplate printed with 2 colours. 24x36in (61x91cm). 2023.
"What a gently welcoming darkness"
Linocut on Somerset, 11×15in (28x38cm), 2023.
"My room was the size of my life."
Linocut on Hahnemühle Copperplate, 22×28in (56x71cm), 2022.
"I am your guide here."
2 plate reduction linocut from 6 layers + key and 13 colors on Coventry Rag, 18x24in (46x61cm), 2022.
You can see it on the horizon now.
2019 - 2021
"I will lay on the floor just to call for help."
48x72in (122x183cm). Woodcut on Kozo from 7 plates (3 panels) & 14 colors. 2019-2021.
Winner of the 2019 Michigan Greater Artists Exhibition Best of Show at Midland Center for the Arts, MI.
Horizons, solo exhibition at Buckham Fine Arts Gallery, Flint, Michigan, Dec 2021 - Jan 2022
"I promise, I swear, I'll never do that again."
Woodcut on kozo from 5 plates & 12 colors. 24x34in (61x86cm). 2019.
Winner of Best of Show at the "Body Building: Art of the Human Figure" exhibition at the Indianapolis Art Center, 2020.
"Really though, what the hell are you doing down there?"
Woodcut on Kozo. 24x30in (61x76cm). 2019 - 2022.
"I am lucky to not be so afraid as you."
Woodcut on Kozo. 24x30in (61x76cm). 2019 - 2022.
"For Elizabeth."
Commission. Woodcut on Masa from 6 plates & 11 colors. 15x23in (38x58cm). 2020.
Juror Merit Award recipient at the Delta National Small Print Exhibition at the Bradbury Art Museum, 2021
Independent Projects
2017 - Present
"A promise made to Reason"
Woodcut on Kozo from 5 plates & 17 colors. 36x48in (91x122cm). 2021.
"Morgen essen wir Fisch Fisch Fisch."
Woodcut on Mulberry. 12x25in (31x64cm). 2020.
"I think maybe I'm having my quarter-life crisis."
Risograph print. 11x14in (28x36cm). 2020.
Included in the Certum Tempus portfolio, SGCI 2020, Puerto Rico.
"I know its bad."
Woodcut on mulberry. 18x24in (46x61cm). 2020.
"It hurt less than I thought it would."
(Left) Edition 1. Woodcut on kozo. 15x20in (38x51cm). 2020.
Included in the 2020 Salt City Dozen print exchange with Syracuse University.
(Right) Edition 2. Woodcut on kozo. 11x17in (28x43cm). 2020.
Included in the 2020 Buckham Fine Arts Project Print Exchange.
(Left) "What am I to do with you?" ; (Right) "The world is heavy and art falls short."
Monotype on Mulberry. 18x24in (46x61cm). 2020.
"Because of its fragile nature."
Monotype on mulberry. 18x24in (46x61cm). 2020.
Oil-based relief woodcut on silk organza, appliqué quilt stitch with linen thread.
42x54in (107x137cm). 2017.
"What did he do to you?" 
Cover: bamboo, woodcut on paper, bound with linen thread, and magnets.
Book: woodcut, intaglio, and photolitho on various kozo and gampi papers, bound with linen thread.
Box: woodcut on paper, mat board, bound with linen thread.
10x10x10 inches approximate, closed. 10x10x24 inches approximate, open. 2017.

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