I work within the expanded fields of printmedia and fibers– my imagery is informed by photography, performance, and the body. I am interested in personal experience, self-proclaimed identities,
and how we construct a sense of self which we naively insist is "unique" and removed from collectivism. My work is often situated within the home, capturing lived experiences both auto-biographical and not. A recent body of work in woodcut print explored narratives of self-deprecating and self-compassionate behaviors happening in private spaces. Through process and making I questioned my self-prescribed victimhood. Through image making I continue to scrutinize the confines of identifiers I situate myself within and what comforts it brings to place myself and others within these boxes.
Emily Legleitner is an artist working in the expanded field of printmedia and fibers. Legleitner develops imagery by experimenting with photography, performance, and the body. Through creative inquiry, Legleitner conducts research in the fields of vulnerability, auto-biography, and intimate relationships.
Raised in Flint, Michigan, Legleitner received a BFA in Studio Art at Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan. Legleitner has received grants and awards to support her studio practice. She was an artist in residence at the Icelandic Textile Center (Blönduós, Iceland) in 2019 and will be an artist in residence at Kala Art Institute (Berkeley, CA) and Sager Braudis Gallery (Columbia, MO) in 2020. Legleitner is an instructor of printmaking at the Flint Institute of Arts. Her work has exhibited nationally and internationally.
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