Deeply interested in the notion of personal identity and how we construct a sense of self which we perceived as removed from collectivism, my work addresses the private spaces we inhabit and the mundane activities that occur within. Primarily, my images are situated within the home, capturing lived experiences both auto-biographical and not. A recent body of work in woodcut print, "You can see it on the horizon now, just past forgiveness," (2018/19), explored auto-biographical narratives of emotional abuse and vulnerability using a doubling of self-portraits. This work shares ways in which experiences within intimate relationships manifested in my behavior behind closed doors, dealing with both self-deprecation and self-compassion. Through creative making I perpetually question the confines of identifiers that I am situated within –What does it mean to be a woman in this context? What does it mean to identify as queer? To identify as a survivor verses a victim? And what comfort does it bring to place ourselves within these boxes?
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