Hyper-focused on the notion of personal identity and self as an act of performance, my work addresses the spaces we inhabit and the evidence within – that which documents our daily activity. Primarily my images are situated within the home, capturing lived experiences in domestic spaces. A recent body of work in woodcut print, "You can see it on the horizon now, just past forgiveness" (2018/19) explores autobiographical narratives of emotional abuse and vulnerability using a doubling of self-portraits. The intent of this work is to share private glimpses of personal experience addressing self-deprecation and self-compassion as it relates to growth and healing from intimate partner violence. Such experiences, which drastically shape an individual’s sense of self, concern me deeply. Through creative making I perpetually question myself and the confines of identifiers I am situated within: woman, queer, survivor, millennial, maker. Working within the cross-sections of analogue and digital, I am a multi-media artist. Training in traditional printmaking, photography, fiber arts and metals inform my practice.
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