"A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it,
bearing within him the image of a cathedral." – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry​​​​​​​
Top left: "A promise made to Reason," Woodcut on Kozo from 5 plates & 17 colors. 36x48in (91x122cm). 2021.
Top right: Installation at Horizons solo exhibition, Buckham Fine Arts Gallery, Flint, MI. 2021.
Bottom left: "I know less now than I knew then.," Woodcut on Kozo from 4 plates & 12 colors. 36x48in (91x122cm). 2021.

Bottom right: "I know there's something I've forgotten" Woodcut on Kozo from 6 plates & 24 colors. 36x48in (91x122cm). 2022.
Based first and foremost in personal experience and auto-biographical narrative, my thesis seeks to unpack the complex relationship between constructs of time and aging as they relate to home, labor, aspirations, and ancestral lineage. These spaces carry contradictory feelings for many of us: Home as both a space of comfort and of confinement, labor being both a motivator and distraction, aspirations to be achieved or failed and to result in fulfillment or disappointment, while our individual ancestral history sets the stage for our personal circumstances and experiences. By exploring these ideas through visual language, I am gaining a better understanding of how conscious and unconscious decision making impacts the opportunities and experiences that may come to pass for ourselves and those who succeed us. The inherent abstractness of visual language is essential to this research and exploration as it potentiates the expression of the complexities that surround such ideas as mortality, remorse, and contradiction, in ways other modes of communication cannot. The primary intention of this work is not to convey personal narratives, but more importantly to present imagery that facilitates others to consider their own relationship to home, labor, aspirations, and choice by situating themselves within the visual scenarios I’m creating.
Our sense and expectation of “normalcy” has been shaken by numerous global crises in the last several decades, reinforcing our predisposition to dwell on these topics. Climate change assuredly threatens many previously unquestioned expectations, the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly forced labor reform and uprooted our pre-conceived notions of career and associated labor gains, the threat of war and economic upheaval makes stability across the globe fragile at best. Sadly, the examples are endless, but this brief list alone highlights the many significant factors impacting the decisions we can and can’t make as individuals, the direction of our lives, and the fate of many.
I am exploring these questions visually through printmedia that is informed by interdisciplinary research in performance art, lens-based inquiry, moving images, and installation. Most of my imagery originates from playful and spontaneous exploration of the artist’s body interacting with common household objects, through contextual exaggeration, and most often through excess. In this way, the typically mundane, and sometimes comforting connotation often associated with these objects is instead challenged, by evoking tension between comfort and discomfort, threat and safety, anxious provocation and calm. My imagery works to conjure real but unique experiences by positioning my audience within these uncommon and contradictory scenarios and by instating feelings that accompany fight, flight, or freeze reactions to difficult situations.
Interview with Buckham Fine Arts Gallery director Michele Leclaire for Horizons solo exhibition, Dec 2021 - Jan 2022
First installation of works from Dreams beyond Reason :
Horizons, a solo exhibition, opened at Buckham Gallery, Flint, Michigan, USA on December 10, 2021
Horizons features two bodies of work in tandem: You can see it on the horizon now, a series of double self-portraits dealing with self-compassionate and self-destructive behaviors; and Dreams beyond Reason, my MFA thesis in development, which addresses contradictory and complex feelings associated with home, labor, and aspirations.

Top left: Installation at Horizons solo exhibition, Buckham Fine Arts Gallery, Flint, MI. 2021.
Top right: "I will nestle myself within your hunger for the ground.," Woodcut on Thai Kozo. 48x48in (122x122cm). 2021.
Bottom: "I'll journey through by the strength of my father's laughter.," Woodcut on Kozo. 48x72in (122x183cm). 2021.
"You saw yourself, then you saw yourself with shadows."
Woodcut on Thai Kozo from 3 plates & 10 colors. 48x72in (122x183cm). 2022.

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